Model NO.: SCT60-FP
Material of Tunnel: B Grade Ship Plate
Standard Length of Tunnel: 700mm
Number of Blade: 4
Propeller Material: Nickel Aluminum Bronze
Input Power: 75kw
Thruster Force: 11kwn
Propeller Rpm: 700rpm
Trademark: NM
Transport Package: Wood Carton
Specification: 75KW
Origin: Jiangsu
HS Code: 84871000
Spec of this 75KW fixed pitch electric tunnel bow thruster :
1.Standard and Certificate: CCS Class society regulations.
2.Components and main parameters   
4.1.Tunnel thruster Unit
Model No.:SCT60-FP
Propeller diameter:φ600mm
Tunnel inner diameter:φ615mm
Wall thickness of tunnel:15mm
Material of tunnel:B grade Ship plate
Standard Length of tunnel:700mm
Tunnel is standard length, shipyard provides the extra part, the overall length should shorter than 6 times of the blade diameter, we recommend that length should be 2~3 times of the blade diameter.
No. of Blade:4
Material of Blade:Cu3(/Ni-Al Bronze)
Input power:75kW
Nominal Thruster:About 11kN
Blade Rotation: Bidirectional rotation
Propeller Rotating Speed:About 700rpm
Oil grade/Brand: L-CKC100 Middle duty industrial gear oil (Mobil/Shell)
4.2.Main Motor
Type:Three-phase AC inverter motor
Brand: Made in China
Rating Voltage:380V,50Hz,3Ф
Rated current:About 140A
Motor power:75kW
Motor Speed:About 1450 rpm
Duty type:S2-30min
Cooling mode:Fan cooling
Insulation class:F
Protection class:IP44
Starting Mode:frequency starting
Starting current:About 1.1times rated current
Space heater:220V/200W/1PH
Accessories:2(6)PTC,1,1/2 sets PTC thermistors (6pcs totally), one set used for working and another set used as the backup
4.3.Frequency starting cabinet
Starting mode:frequency starting
Inverter Brand:Danfoss,Schneider,Vacon.
Frequency starting to the motor of thruster guarantees the starting current less than 1.1 times rated current.
Input power:380V,50Hz,3Ф
Output Frequency:0~50Hz
Protective Class:IP23
Power Mode:AC 3Ø 380V 50Hz
Accessories:Space heater (AC 1Ø 220V 200W)
Frequency starting cabinet is placed in thrust unit compartment,include the following components
Switch Local/remote control switch
Space heater switch
Indicator light and button Power indicator Light
Running indicator Light
Start indicator light allowed
Heavy load request button
Failure reset button
Emergency stop button
Meter Ammeter
4.4. Gravity oil tank
Type: Square Mounting type ,including float switch, level Gauge
Volume: 38L
Lubrication oil: L-CKC100 Middle duty industrial gear oil (Mobil/Shell)
4.5 Coupling
Mode:Flexible Coupling  
One end of Coupling attached to the propeller driving shaft and another end
to the motor shaft
4.6.Hand-pump :Mode:CS-20Y
4.7. Remote control system
Control Position,W/H control panel,
Control part adopts Siemens PLC:,
Remote control system consists of: Central control cabinet, Control panel
 Control panel(inserted type)
Control panel manipulating device
Control handle
W/H control panel alarm indicating light Main power failure
Backup power failure
Min Gravity oil level
High Motor Temperature.
Motor running failure
FFU control failure/
Servo system failure
W/H control panel indicator meter
Tachometer(with speed)
W/H control panel indicator lamp and button  
Motor start (button w/light)
Motor stop(button)

Heavy Load request(button w/light)

Remote/backup(locking press-button w/light)
Failure reset(button w/light)
Backup Port
Backup starboard
back control
Lamp test(button)
horn off(button)
Emergency stop button with protective cover

Inverter power on(indicator lamp)
Local control (indicator lamp)
Central control box  IP44
Welding between tunnel thruster and hull:
Installation between motor and tunnel thruster unit
The piping connection between gravity oil tank and tunnel thruster unit, the connection and installation of the oil pipeline, the piping line cleaning in accordance with CCS regulations and rules.
The installation between remote control system and W/H.
All external cables are provided and installed by the shipyard.
VDR interface
Motor speed signal(4-20mA/-100%-+100%)
Motor current signal (4-20mA/0-110%motor rated current)
Motor operation signal(dry contact signal, closure operation)
Tunnel Thruster
The device's main function is to use the power from Motor-coupling-reducing gear box through fixed pitch tunnel thruster then produces the thrust. The converter motor drives the fixed pitch tunnel thruster ,whose frequency and phase decides the thrust's position and size.
6.2.Environmental conditions
The tunnel thruster works at below environmental conditions
Relative humidity:60%±3%
Environment temperature:0ºC -- +45ºC 
Pitch: ±7.5°Trim:±5°
60%±3%            :0ºC -- +45ºC
±22.5°                  :±15°
±7.5°                   :±5°
6.3. Electrical control system
The basic function of electrical control system include 3 parts: servo control and propeller's speed, current indicator ,provides the remote control through converter motor for the tunnel thruster device and the alarm indication for failure of tunnel thruster system. 
Servo control system: control the rotation direction and speed for the driven motor and guarantees its' working current no more than the rated current, the tachometer indicates the speed and rotation direction, ammeter indicates the current of driven motor. Both of them are fixed in the W/H control panel..
The way of variable frequency starting to the motor guarantees its' starting current no more than 1.1times rated ones..
The frequency starting cabinet provided switching functions of local/remote starting for the tunnel thruster which can start/stop the driven motor in the engine compartment or bridge.
More details of Spec and drawing, pls contact us.
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