Eaton recently announced the launch of the Eaton 5P Uninterruptible Power System (UPS), which is a newcomer to its back-up power supply portfolio. As an enterprise-class power management and battery backup solution, the system provides industry-leading performance that meets the requirements of network cabinets and small data centers. 5P supports entry-level virtualization strategy through seamless integration with Eaton's IntelligentPower Software SuiteTM, and enhances equipment protection through the combination of telemetry and power hardware management capabilities, which is 28% more power than traditional UPS.

Hervé Tardy, vice president and general manager of Eaton’s distributed power quality business unit, said: “With companies adopting cloud computing and virtualization, the power capacity of many existing UPS companies cannot meet their growth needs, and they need to manage power more closely. Provide solutions to companies that are boldly trying out new computing models, increase visibility of power consumption, and make informed decisions to improve system uptime and improve business performance."

The built-in graphical LCD display on the UPS front end allows IT and data center managers to view detailed information and customize all UPS settings via buttons. Through the display and seamless integration with Eaton's power management software, users can fully understand UPS power usage, power efficiency, and load to better manage power consumption and energy footprint.

5P comes with Eaton Smart Power Software Suite, an innovative combination of power management and protection software. With the integration of software suites and 5P, users can seamlessly integrate with VMware's vCenter ServerTM virtualization management solution and virtualization platforms such as Citrix® XenServer, Microsoft SCVMMTM, RedHat®, and other Xen® open source platforms. In the event of a power outage, the above integration allows the virtual machine (VM) to automatically and transparently migrate to the unaffected device in real time. In the event of a long power outage, it can also assist the computer, VM, and server to shut down properly.

The Eaton 5P UPS models range from 1,500 VA (1440 watts) to 3,000 VA (2,700 watts). In addition, the device also uses Eaton ABM® technology, which can increase the service life of the battery by 50%. Each 5PUPS and its battery enjoy a three-year industry-leading warranty.

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