Lampu Ancient Town is China's largest lighting industry base. The positions and attitudes of the business owners here often reflect the development of the entire industry. Through interviews, we found that their views are strikingly similar: when talking about 2009, everyone agreed that it is a year of explosive growth of LEDs, but the industry standards are missing, the market is slightly confused; energy-saving lamps are not affected by the economic crisis. Market competition is becoming increasingly hot, and price wars are constantly on the rise; corporate brand awareness is generally enhanced, and the market shifts from product competition to service competition.
Mentioned in 2010, the owners of the ancient towns are full of confidence, consistently optimistic about the future lighting lighting market, and believe that brand competition will be more intense, whether it is home lighting or LED lighting, the market will further wave, the brand companies become more and more Strong, innovative and weak follow-up companies are becoming more and more backward, and the industry is becoming stronger and stronger in the direction of polarization. The weaker are weaker.
To build a strong brand, we should first do a good job in the ancient town of more than 5,600 lighting companies, but the product homogenization is serious, so we must establish brand differences and build a strong brand. The first thing we have to do is to make the products of the products, to do high quality, to do the quality, and to have the strength of our brand. At this time, the brand can be linked, and the product will be available first. In the 18 years of this industry, Shengqi Lighting Group started with the products and has been committed to improving the quality and service of the products. We believe that in 2010, brand differentiation will become more prominent, the whole industry will pay more attention to brand building, and who will be the next brand recognized by consumers, we will wait and see.
Leading the brand of LED lighting products, the leading brand of home lighting, won the first place in Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition and Guzhen Light Fair in 2009, and more LED lighting products have really begun to enter people's field of vision. The prospect and application of LED is particularly impressive. . The obvious recovery of the global economy in 2010 will usher in the spring of the lighting industry. The main trends in China's lighting industry are brand diversification, enterprise strength, market branding, clear pattern, intense competition, product personalization, and terminal. Strong, service star. Our biggest business goal next year is the brand goal. We will upgrade the outlets, products, services, image, brand and market. It is bound to become the leading brand of overall home lighting, with an annual sales target of 250 million yuan.
Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lighting products will become the focus of focus As the competition in the lighting industry continues to escalate, excellent manufacturers are bound to work hard on customer service, shifting from a competitive landscape dominated by product competition to a competitive situation centered on service. In 2009, traditional commercial enterprises stepped up their strategic layout and rushed to develop LED products. The high-power LED lighting products independently developed by Fuxing Group suddenly emerged. In the future, the lighting industry will face more pressure from energy-saving regulations, and manufacturers must develop competitive products to deal with them. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide will be an inevitable trend. Under the circumstances that the luminous efficiency is increasing and the cost continues to decline, the economical and environmentally friendly lighting products and technologies will be the focus of continuing to attract industrial attention in the future.

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