This is a shaker specially developed for the treatment of slime developed by Changsha Mining and Metallurgical Institute. It was initially shaped and promoted after being identified in September 1964, and continuously improved in production practice. It was re-identified in December 1977.
The structure of the spring shaker is shown in the following figure. Its main feature is the use of soft and hard Springs as the differential mechanism. The differential motion generated causes a large difference between positive and negative accelerations, so it is suitable for treating slime.
The bed surface of the spring shaker is made into a bed by a grooved method and has a lacquer coating. The bed surface is a sliding support, and the slope is adjusted by a wedge block, and the adjustable range is 1°~4°.
The advantage of the spring shaker is that the bed head has a simple structure, is easy to manufacture, has light weight, low cost, and low power consumption. The index is slightly better than the 6-S shaker when selecting the slime. The disadvantage is that the installation accuracy of the equipment is high, it is difficult to adjust, and the noise is large.
Product example
The manufacturers of spring shakers include Shicheng Mining Machinery, Long Mine, Zheng Mine and Ninghua Mining Machine. There are two types of single and four layers. The technical performance is listed in the following table.
    Figure   table

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