Model NO.: YXN-94-3C
HS Code: 8447


Model: YXN-94-3C                                      Needle bar space: 3+3

Needle space:1"                                         Size:4800*1600*2000

Weight:5000kg                                            Quilting width:2485mm

X-axis:410mm                                             Quilting thickness:<50mm

Stitch:2-8mm                                               Output:60-230m/h

Needle type:21# - 24#                                Rolling Speed:600-1200r/min

Power:7kw                                                   Ratedvoltage(AC):380v/50HZ,220v/60HZ

Servo motor(Panasonic brand)


1.Adopt the advanced process design.

2.Needle bar and pressing block take the double rocker,avoid the materials be soiled by lube.

3.High rigidity machine body,perfect protecting equipment and steady-going control system.

4.X,Y motors are driven by servo system,and principal axis take frequency ports system.

5.Test the working state of all sensors and computer in real time.

6.Auto-stop system when the upper or bottom thread broke by infrared.Auto lift needle and adjust the speed by computer.

7.Auto faults tips for servo motor system and transducer,which is convenient,to eliminate problems.

8.360 degree quilting and limitless multi-span and independent quilting.

9.Steady running,high speed,low noise,very thick material with precise quilting pattern.

10.Ringing notice when start machine.
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JIS" Stands for Japanese Industrial Standard and are published by the Japanese Standards Association (JSA) which is the equivalent of ANSI in the United States. They are created and updated by the Committee of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JISC). Like JSA to ANSI, the JISC is similar to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).


Japan Industrial Standard is yet another option for metric sizes.  Provided in JIS5K, JIS10K, JIS15K, and JISK20K pressure classes, we can offer Slip On, Blind, and Weld Neck varieties in Raised Face or Flat Face configurations. These are typically made of 316/L or A105, but as usual, all alloys are available!

Much like DIN / metric flanges, the JIS Flange specification offers a slightly wider variety of slip weld configurations for the purposes of space limitations and suitability for existing pipeline equipment. For instance, a customer can request a slip on with or without a hub as standard, or even a ring type flange, and all of this within the same B2220 specification.

JIS flanges are commonly found in exported pressure equipment and pipe assemblies from Japan. Many large ships and sea vessels which travel through international waters and service the Pacific rim will utilize equipment made to this standard, as parts and servicing for this specification are widely available.    

5K Flange

5K Flange,Jis Ff Flange,Jis 5K Flange,Forged Steel Flange

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