Model NO.: CTTZ-D
Degree of Automation: According to The Product and Demand
Configuration Options: According to The Quality Requirements
Actual Price: Based on The Device Configuration and Size
Trademark: Wimax
Transport Package: Wooden Case Packaging or According to Requirement
Specification: CE/ISO9001/SGS
Origin: China
HS Code: 84248999
      Electroplating is an electrochemical process. Let the work-piece immersed in a solution of metal salts, a method of forming a coating by electrolytic action.
      Electroplating production line has straight line series and annular series, can hang plating or barrel plating. Linear series is divided into manual line, semi-automatic line and automatic line three ways, semi-automatic and automatic line there are machine frame and drive; the running rail is divided into high, medium, low orbit, drive has gantry, cantilever, in middle column three types. Annular line for the automatic line, divided into the guide rail lifting, cantilever, climbing, press plate four types. The first two of be mechanical or hydraulic way, after two classes mechanical way. Wastewater treatment equipment adopts the chemical method, process control automatic, and make the meet the standards discharged.
Advisory form
Workpiece name Shape(graphical) Sizes(mm) Material Weight(kg) Use
Working system The number of work Work time(h) Production(piece)
Electroplating category Chrome plating Plated copper Tin plating Galvanized
Pre-treatment way Dipping Ultrasonic cleaning Shot blast cleaning Sand blasting
Electroplating way Hanging plating Scroll plating Other
Line form Straight line type Manual Semiautomatic Automatic
Ring line for automatic lift type cantilever type climbing type pressure plate type
Plant area Plane size(m) Height(m) Plane layout fig
Power supply Three-phase AC (V) Single-phase AC (V) Frequency(Hz)
Climatic condition Summer temperature/ Humidity Winter temperature/ Humidity

Online Inspection System

DNDT series industrial online inspection radiography system usually applies with leading C-arm structure, it always transmits workpiece into lead room by table roller, and also can connects with workpiece production line to be flow inspection, with cooperation between X-ray and industrial TV, users can view real time inspection images directly, which can easier judge appearance and type of failure, then finish saving and processing for the picture to improve its definition.

As most important part of radiography system-image intensifier/flat panel detector, we applies with products which manufactures by famous France Thales/Pelkinelmer, varian company, it not only has advantages of high resolution and low noise, but also with characteristic of big dynamic range which can offer reliable image information for users.

Electrical controlling unit is an intelligent controlling system which with core of PLC, it matches with servo driver and rotation coder which can finish relative inspection procedure and collects images by manual/ semi-auto modes after diameter alignment of different workpiece models.

Online Inspection System

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