From March 30 to April 1, the 2017 Tianjin International Passenger Transportation Equipment and Technology Exhibition (abbreviation: Tianjin Bus Show) will be held at the Tianjin Meijiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. As an annual industry event, this exhibition also attracted the attention of the industry's mainstream vehicle and component companies. The reporter recently learned that Zhongtong Bus, which is one of the main characters of the annual exhibition, will bring 5 models to the exhibition and create the highest number of participating in the exhibition.

It is worth mentioning that during the exhibition, Zhongtong Bus will release a 12-meter hydrogen fuel cell bus. This is also the listing of another hydrogen fuel cell after its successful launch of the industry's first 9-meter hydrogen fuel cell bus, which will surely become the focus of the audience. Let's take a quick look at the following and give a brief overview of this new product from Zhongtong and the other four models.

See the "Hydrogen" Heart - The 12-meter hydrogen fuel bus is about to be released

Just after the Spring Festival in 2017, Zhongtong Bus announced its first hydrogen fuel cell bus, the LCK6900FCEVG. This is also the industry's first 9-meter fuel cell vehicle model, which has attracted many industry eyes. Just as the 9-meter car heat has not diminished, Zhongtong Bus has once again attacked and will launch its 12-meter hydrogen fuel cell bus, the LCK6120 FCEVG, at the Tianjin Bus Show.

According to the available information, the LTC6120FCEVG is a 6700mm large wheelbase, low entry, and a stepped, low-floor passenger chair with a slanted leg structure and plenty of space. The car is equipped with a key to start, EBS electronic control brake, EPB electronic parking brake and intelligent assisted driving systems, which facilitates driving, but also greatly enhance the safety of the vehicle. It is reported that the vehicle refueling time is 3-10 minutes, and the city operating condition 65% load does not open the air-condition driving range 400km. From the above information, we can see that, in addition to continuing to “inherit” the excellent performance of its new energy products, China Tongtong LCK6120FCEVG also focuses on smart driving, energy saving, comfort and other aspects of optimization and upgrading.

The release of the 12-meter hydrogen fuel cell bus in Zhongtong is bound to “beat” the world again. While improving the product spectrum of Zhongtong New Energy Bus, it has also further strengthened its competitive strength in the new energy industry and helped the arrival of stronger Zhongtong. What are the highlights of the LCK6120 FCEVG? Let us take a look at the show!

Keeping up with the times - The classic car model is not old

In addition to the newly released hydrogen fuel buses, Zhongtong Bus also brought four cars, of which two are the 11-meter school bus LCK6119D5Z and the 10-meter hybrid tour car LCK6109PHEVG. Both models have been sold for many years and can be described as two veterans. Although "Veterans", Zhongtong Bus always maintains the "advanced with the times" of the various models of vehicles and meets the needs of users.

Let's talk about this 11-meter “big-nose” school bus. This is the third-generation school bus product of Zhongtong and meets the national five emission standards. While inheriting the excellent performance of the previous two generations, Zhongtong's third-generation school buses have been upgraded in terms of safety performance. The skeleton of the car body adopts a diamond ring structure to maximize the rigidity and strength of the car body. The body design buffers the energy-absorbing zone, and the impact energy-absorbing effect is better. The new front and rear enclosures and the thicker front and rear bumpers are designed to provide multiple protections that effectively reduce body deformation and passenger injury in the event of an accident, doubling safety.

In addition to enhancing "passive" safety, China Tong School Bus is not optimized for "proactive" safety - using double-lens rearview mirrors and blinding mirrors, and large curved front windshields to reduce visual field blind spots. School bus special harness, two-wire system design, to eliminate fire hazards. The application of the emergency escape key with patented technology can quickly achieve engine stall, cut off the power supply of the entire vehicle, reduce and stop, and turn on emergency escape lights when danger occurs. Other applications, such as high-temperature alarms in the engine room and automatic fire extinguishing systems, have achieved the best safety results.

Let's talk about the hybrid LTC6109PHEVG hybrid coach, as a representative model of new energy brigade products, since its introduction in 2014, has always been the best-selling car on the market. Even though buses accounted for most of the new energy market share in the past two years, LTC6109PHEVG represented the Zhongtong Hybrid Brigade's product orders are still continuous, footprints throughout Shandong, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hunan and other places.

As the first company in the industry to form a full spectrum of plug-in hybrid brigade products, China Tongtong has maintained the improvement and enhancement of the performance of these products. Taking the LCK6109PHEVG as an example, after inheriting the luxury, beauty, and atmospheric qualities of Zhongtong Tourism Bus Products, it also seeks for the best combination of strength and weight of the car's skeletal structure through lightweight design philosophy. At the same time, the application of safety design standards for various new energy vehicles, as well as the intelligent control of key components such as batteries, motors, engines, electric power assistance, air conditioning, etc. good.

Through continuous improvement, these "Veterans" of China Communications are not old, and have become a "weapon" for Zhongtong Passenger Cars to expand the land, which has helped the arrival of Zhongtong Bus one after another.

New Forces - Market Segment "Accurate Positioning"

At the exhibition, the other two models brought by Zhongtong Bus are its high-end commercial bus C07 and the 4.5-meter logistics vehicle. It is a new representative model for its respective market segment in the past two years. It can be said that Two new forces expanding through the market. Among them, C07 is jointly designed with well-known European design companies, and strictly follows the passenger vehicle development procedures and requirements for system design and development. C07 is a high-end brand with complete independent intellectual property rights for official business, business, tourism, and corporate markets.

By observing, whether it is the full-loaded body structure of the C07 vehicle, the full-balloon suspension, the stamping skin, or the interior of the commercial vehicle driver door, new headlights, high-grade leather upholstery, injection molding Decorations and business seats all highlight the advanced craftsmanship of vehicles. Zhongtong C07's vehicle power performance, safety and reliability, comfort, economy and environmental protection have reached the advanced level of similar international products, and will certainly promote the national passenger car brand into a new choice for China's official vehicles.

Let's take a look at the 4.5-meter electric logistics vehicle brought by Zhongtong. As a mastermind in the field of new energy buses, Zhongtong Bus perfectly embodies its advantages in new energy production technologies in its electric logistics vehicles. It is possible to realize the multi-pull and long-distance running of logistics vehicles from the aspects of capacity, energy consumption, and safety. , running and other features. For example, in terms of energy saving, it adopts a three-in-one auxiliary power controller, and through thermal simulation analysis, the thermal battery thermal management technology developed has ensured the full use of electrical energy. At the same time, the unique energy recovery system converts mechanical energy into electrical energy as much as possible to increase utilization.

The 4.5-meter electric logistics vehicle is the most “small” one among Zhongtong’s participating vehicles, but as a logistics vehicle, it’s “in-house”. Its body structure adopts stamping and forming full load-carrying body. All parts are integrally formed, making the body lighter, more stable and more energy-efficient. In addition, on the basis of fully optimizing the capacity of the cargo space, Zhongtong Electric Logistics Vehicles basically adopts the “five-door” design principle of the rear lift door and the sliding doors on both sides, which is convenient for loading and unloading and improves loading efficiency. It is also possible to increase the loading capacity as much as possible, truly realizing the "multiple pull" feature.

If Zhongtong Bus was a "black horse" that relied on the rapid development of new energy buses in previous years, now Zhongtong Bus is relying on an increasingly sophisticated product system and one after another market order. The real power in the market competition! At the Tianjin exhibition, the five vehicles carried by the Zhongtong Bus, just like the “Five Tigers” of the “race” market, complement each other and complement each other, becoming a microcosm of their all-round product competition, which also fits well with Zhongtong Bus. "A strong and strong" development strategy. In 2017, Zhongtong Bus has set sail again!

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