In the flotation process, the effect of pH on mineral flotation is multifaceted and an important factor affecting flotation indicators. The effect of pH on mineral flotation can be explained in the following three aspects:

1.pH value and impact of ore particle surface electrical hydrophilicity of the pulp at higher pH values, since the OH- ions in the pulp are more ore particle surface is adsorbed a large number of OH-, will mine The hydrophilicity of the grain surface increases and hinders the adsorption of the collector anion. The pH also affects the electrical properties of the surface of the ore. The pH value directly affects the surface potential of the ore. Especially for the flotation of certain oxidized ores, the flotation reagents used are different due to the different pH values.

2. The pH value affects the effectiveness of the flotation reagent. Most of the flotation reagents act on the mineral surface in the form of ions. That is to say, after the agent is dissociated into ions, it can interact with the mineral surface. The amount of drug dissociation that becomes an effective ion has a lot to do with pH. If the effective ion of the agent is anion X-, more effective ions X- will be produced under alkaline (pH > 7) pulp conditions. because:

X-+H2O ←→ XH+OH-

The above reaction is reversible, and only when the [OH-] concentration is increased, the reaction proceeds to the left, that is, more X- is produced. For example, if the pulp is alkaline, the xanthate can dissociate more anionic ROCSS-.

When the effective ions of the collector are cations, more cations can be dissociated only in the low pH pulp. For example, the effective ion of the amine collector is cationic RNH3+, and its hydrolysis reaction:


The above formula requires the reaction to proceed to the right at a lower pH, resulting in more RNH3+.

3. All kinds of minerals have a suitable pH value. Under different chemical conditions, various minerals have a critical pH value that can float and not float. Therefore, the pH value of the pulp often directly or indirectly affects the floatability of the mineral. However, the critical pH is a function of flotation conditions. If different collectors are used or their concentrations are changed, the critical pH of the mineral will also change. For example, when xanthate is used as a collector, the adsorption density of xanthate anion on the mineral surface is related to the ratio of xanthate anion concentration and hydroxide ion concentration [X-]/[OH-], pH value. The higher the amount of xanthate adsorbed on the mineral surface, the lower the amount.

In the flotation of some insoluble oxides and silicate minerals, the pH value affects which kind of complex is produced after the chemisorbent chemical adsorption on the mineral surface. If the pH has conducive to the formation of hydroxy metal complex, it is advantageous to increase the recovery rate. The soft manganese ore flotation oleic acid, can be obtained at pH = 8.5 when a relatively high recovery rate, this time generated more hydroxy metal complexes MnOH + mineral surfaces.

Therefore, for any kind of mineral flotation, under a certain flotation condition, there is a suitable pH value, and only at a suitable pH value, a better sorting index can be obtained.

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