[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] With the acceleration of the commercialization process of drones, drones have been applied to more and more fields, such as fire rescue, forestry inspection, police security, etc. The drone can provide a complete solution. Following the advancement of technology, drones began to enter the agricultural field, providing a series of services including pesticide spraying and information monitoring. In the future, farmers will be expected to bid farewell to the “farming era”.
The use of drones has become increasingly common among some modern farmers. According to the data, the area where crops were sprayed using drones in 2016 has reached 4.7 million acres (about 28.53 million mu), more than double the previous year. .
In June of this year, China's drones with a weight of more than 250 grams must be registered. A drone owner with a weight above this limit must register it by August 31. However, despite the ongoing regulatory environment, it has a booming UAV manufacturing market.
Which agricultural applications can the agricultural drone be able to carry out?
First, farmland drug spraying
Drug spraying is a wide range of applications for agricultural drones. Compared with traditional plant protection operations, plant protection drones have the characteristics of operation, environmental protection, intelligence, and simple operation, saving farmers the cost of large machinery and a large amount of manpower. In many areas, plant protection drones have been used for drug operations, which has been recognized.
According to relevant sources, according to the red line of the country's 1.8 billion mu of cultivated land, there will be 100 billion market space in the future agricultural plant protection field.
Second, farmland information monitoring
The monitoring of farmland information of drones mainly includes pest monitoring, irrigation monitoring and crop growth monitoring. It is a space information technology based on remote sensing technology, which is used for aerial photography of large-scale farmland and land. Full and comprehensive understanding of the growth environment, cycle and other indicators of crops, from irrigation to soil variability, to pests and diseases that can not be found by the naked eye, bacterial invasion, pointing out the problem areas, so that farmers can better manage the field.
UAV farmland information monitoring has the advantages of large scope, strong timeliness and objective accuracy, which is unmatched by conventional monitoring methods.
Third, agricultural insurance survey
In order to more effectively measure the actual disaster area, agricultural insurance companies conduct agricultural insurance disaster loss surveys and apply drones to agricultural insurance claims.
The drone has the characteristics of maneuvering fast response, high-resolution image and high-precision positioning data acquisition capability, application expansion capability of various task devices, and convenient system maintenance, etc., and can perform disaster-damaged damage tasks. Through aerial surveys to obtain data, post-processing and technical analysis of aerial photographs, and comparison with field measurement results, insurance companies can more accurately determine the actual disaster area.
The drone was damaged by the disaster, which solved the problems of difficulty in surveying and determining the damage and lack of timeliness in agricultural insurance claims, greatly improved the speed of the survey work, saved a lot of manpower and material resources, and ensured the farmland compensation survey while raising the rate. accuracy.
The application of drones in agriculture is gradually expanding along with the advancement of technology, freeing farmers from heavy plant protection operations, which is conducive to large-scale production. All the agricultural farming scenes that have been replaced by machines in science fiction will eventually become a reality in the future.

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