The mobile stage car is a special type of car that is convenient for mobile performance and can be staged. It can be used for large-scale cultural performances and can also be used when performing in the countryside. However, many people will ask whether they will have to run a business license after purchasing a stage car. Is the stage car a commercial or non-operating vehicle? Some people have been tangled in this issue and have not dared to start buying cars. Xiao Bian asked here to ask questions on the above questions.


To ask whether a mobile stage vehicle is an operational or non-operational vehicle, the most important thing is to look at its actual use. If it is used only for publicity within the unit, it is a non-operational vehicle. As we all know, the so-called operating vehicles refers to the commercial transport, which refers to the provision of labor services for the society, and road transportation in various ways to settle the expenses. If the vehicle is rented to others for internal promotion of the unit, it is only the right to transfer the use of the vehicle. If the lease does not result in the settlement of charges, it cannot be regarded as an operation, and it is not necessary to apply for an operation certificate.

However, after the stage car has to be engaged in the operational work after purchase, it is necessary to go to the transportation management department to apply for an operation certificate and apply to the vehicle management office of the vehicle registration place to change the nature of the use of the vehicle. Please remember that if you are engaged in operational work and have not obtained an operation permit, you will be in violation of Article 64 of the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Road Transport after you have been checked by the transport administration: if you violate the provisions of these Regulations, you have not obtained If the road transportation business license is engaged in road transportation business without authorization, the county-level road transportation management organization shall order it to stop the operation; if there is any illegal income, the illegal income shall be confiscated and a fine of not less than 2 times but not more than 10 times the illegal income shall be imposed; no illegal income or illegal Those earning less than 20,000 yuan shall be fined between 30,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

The use of a stage car determines its nature. Looking at the above, I believe that the drivers are now clearly aware of what it takes to be a non-operating stage car.

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