[China Instrument Network Instrumentation Conference] Automation has gradually become a key development direction of industrial manufacturing. For this reason, process industry intelligence has optimized manufacturing and made continuous efforts. On March 13, the Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Integrated Automation of Process Industry held the third session of the third session to summarize the work of the laboratory in 2015 and look forward to the 2016 work.

The third session of the third session of the Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Integrated Automation of Process Industries was held in Conference Room 710 in the main building of Northeastern University. Academic Committee members and invited experts, Deputy Director Yang Xiaoqiu of the Basic Research Management Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Party Secretary of Northeastern University Sun Jiaxue, Vice President Wang Jinkuan, Wang Welfare, Tang Lixin, Dean of the School of Information, Yang Guanghong, Executive Vice President of the Graduate School, Wang Guoren, Director of the Department of Science and Technology, and academic leaders of the laboratory attended the conference.

The meeting reviewed the work of the State Key Laboratory in 2015. The participating experts heard the annual work report of the laboratory done by Professor Ding Jinliang, deputy director of the laboratory, and typical results of five academic leaders Yang Guanghong, Jiang Zhongping, Wang Zhanshan, Ding Jinliang, and Wang Xianpeng. report. The Academic Committee fully discussed the construction of the laboratory in 2015, the achievements and progress achieved, and the next major work plan.

The Academic Committee spoke highly of the results obtained by the laboratory in 2015. We believe that the laboratories are closely integrated with the major needs and frontiers of high-efficiency and greenization of China's process industries, and that basic research is closely integrated with the practical application of projects. The results are outstanding. Significant progress has been made in all research directions. In 2015, new national innovations were introduced. 1 base project, 1 National Natural Science Foundation of China major project, 1 Jieqing Fund, 1 Qingyou Fund, 2 key projects (topics), 1 key international cooperation project, 9 projects, Youth Fund 4 Project, 1 national 863 plan project and 5 horizontal cooperation projects; 200 SCI papers published, including 54 IEEE Transactions and IFAC journals; 70 applied for invention patents and 2 software copyrights, of which 45 are invention patents. He has obtained 2 US patents, 1 first prize for natural science in Liaoning Province and 1 second prize, and 3 monographs for monographs. Talent training and team building have achieved remarkable results. There are 2 newly recruited professors, 1 IEEEFellow, 1 distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars, 1 winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, 1 winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, and 1 national youth. There are 3 people. In 2015, he received 1 item of outstanding doctoral dissertation nomination award from the Chinese Society of Automation, 1 piece of outstanding doctoral dissertation in Liaoning Province and 3 papers of outstanding master degree thesis in Liaoning Province. The openness of the laboratory is highly communicated and the results are outstanding. It has produced important influence at home and abroad. The laboratory's scientific research environment has been significantly improved, the system is perfect, and the management and operation mechanism is good. This has provided important support for discipline construction and personnel training.

The Academic Committee hopes that the laboratory will continue to adhere to the development guideline of demand traction and technology promotion. It will continue to attach importance to the technical line of multidisciplinary and cross-border research and further improve the model, technology, means, and formats of the process industry with Chinese characteristics, and optimize the manufacturing of process industries. Leading role.

In his speech, Sun Jiaxue pointed out that the State Key Laboratory of Integrated Automation for Process Industries is based on Northeastern University's national key first-level disciplines - Control Science and Engineering and the National "985 Project" Process Industry Integrated Automation Technology Innovation Platform, aiming at efficient process industries and The major demand for greening is to achieve the goal of intelligent and optimized manufacturing, and carry out basic research and advanced high-tech research. Since it officially became a national key laboratory through the acceptance of the Ministry of Education in 2013, the laboratory has continuously innovated mechanisms and achieved fruitful research results through construction. A high-level research team closely integrated with basic research and applied basic research has been established. A group of talents with significant academic influence both at home and abroad have established a good operating mechanism, relying on the “Integrated Process Control” discipline innovation and learning base of institutions of higher learning to carry out extensive international cooperation and exchanges, and expanding the international influence of the discipline. The international academic status of the laboratory has been upgraded. The laboratory has become one of the important platforms for scientific research and personnel training in the field of automation in the process industry in China. He emphasized that 2016 is the first year of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and is also the year in which our university has fully implemented the world-class universities and first-rate discipline construction. It is hoped that the laboratory will further develop its features and advantages in the future development, and will closely focus on the process. Fundamental and applied research in the field of industrial automation constantly concise directions, highlight features, increase the level of internationalization and openness of laboratories, bring together more outstanding talents, create a better atmosphere, and comprehensively automate the process industry. Room construction has become an innovation base that represents the highest level in the subject area, gathers the best talents in the subject area, and upholds the best management concepts in the subject area.

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