At present, there is no uniform product standard in the LED lighting application market. The products produced by one manufacturer are completely incompatible with another manufacturer, which has become a major obstacle to the development of the LED lighting industry. At the first LED lighting industry exchange conference in Foshan, many representatives of the company unanimously suggested that Foshan should guide enterprises to establish a unified product standard as soon as possible.
Huang Qifeng, deputy director of the Foshan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, said that the second batch of LED industry special support funds in Guangdong Province totaled 450 million yuan, among which Foshan's three projects, such as Zhaoxin and Guoxing, were listed among them, with a total of about 160 million yuan.
The construction of unified standards requires the government to guide the LED lamp bead damaged by 100 yuan, and can only replace the entire LED street lamp with a value of 8,000 yuan. At the exchange meeting, Guan Shijing, director of solid-state lighting products marketing at OSRAM (China) Lighting Co., Ltd. said that because the products produced by different LED lighting manufacturers are incompatible with each other, once a certain component of the product has problems, the original manufacturer cannot be found. The entire product can only be scrapped, making it difficult to replace products and components in the LED lighting market.
Many business representatives at the exchange meeting agreed with Guan Shijing. Mr. Fu, the general manager of Shenzhen Huagao Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., who came to Shenzhen from the conference, said that because the products are not standardized, it is difficult to strictly compare the products of different manufacturers. Manufacturers are not competing in terms of product life, color temperature, and cost performance, but they are fighting price wars. However, the current cost of LED lighting products is difficult to reduce. In order to reduce the price of products, it is difficult for many manufacturers to produce products with quality assurance. Relevant government departments should play a leading role in the establishment of product standards, and this standard should be formulated as soon as possible.
The cooperation between large and small enterprises is a platform for the establishment and exchange of cooperation between large LED industry enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, and their complementary advantages are one of the main purposes of this exchange. However, the reporter interviewed on the spot found that leading companies and SMEs are worried about cooperation.
Qi Jijun, manager of Blue Arrow's electronic LED business unit, told reporters that when there were too many orders in the peak season, we were too busy to do so. We need SMEs to support us. But if we really want to find a small business to help with production, we are very worried about product quality, technology outflow and other issues, even in the case of serious damage to our brand. Qi Jijun said that the cooperation between large enterprises and small enterprises requires a high degree of trust, and this requires long-term integration between the two sides in terms of technology and management.
Mr. Fu, the general manager of Huagao Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., also admitted that large enterprises have channels, strong capital and high brand awareness. These are the advantages that small enterprises lack. However, when dealing with small businesses, large companies are too strong. For example, large companies will pressure small businesses for several months. For small businesses with insufficient working capital, this may be a fatal blow. Mr. Fu believes that to carry out cooperation, large enterprises need to take a step forward and support small enterprises in terms of funds and other aspects.
In this regard, Wu Yulin, president of Foshan Lighting Association, said that many LED lighting manufacturers in Foshan have many years of industrial foundation, technology, and leading enterprises to cooperate with them. The biggest advantage is that they can get products quickly. Large enterprises have strict quality control systems. If they are willing to go to small enterprises for training, it is feasible for the two sides to cooperate. He revealed that in order to show sincerity, Osram and other companies have attached the docking method to the conference materials. I believe that many SMEs will connect with them after the meeting and they are expected to form orders.
In view of the weak strength of small enterprises in product design, Foshan Lighting Association and Guangdong Academy of Light Industry Vocational and Technical College, Guangdong Textile Technology College, Shunde Vocational and Technical College signed a joint LED lighting design and trading platform. Strategic partner agreements to provide companies with low-cost luminaire industrial design patents.

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