From the Fourth National Petroleum and Chemical Industry Chemical Engineering Master Control vocational skills competition held recently learned that the past five years, chemical companies have used a variety of personnel training measures, the proportion of highly skilled personnel in the industry from 2006 18.8% increased to 25% in 2010. In the same period, the average annual GDP growth rate was 21.3%, and the average annual profit growth rate was 13.2%. The growth rate of highly-skilled personnel is far lower than the industry's GDP and average profit.

According to the National Occupational ceremony, highly skilled personnel in the field of means of production, transport and services such as front-line positions, proficiency and technical expertise, with superb skills and the ability to solve key technical and operational problems in the process of personnel work in practice . High-skilled personnel must undergo technical assessment and be determined by experts.

In order to ensure the development needs, chemical companies have increased the training of highly skilled personnel.

Shanghai Baosteel Chemical Nanjing Meishan Branch has gradually introduced the competition and employment system in some positions, and through the establishment of a more scientific performance appraisal and compensation incentive system, employees are encouraged to strive for independent employees.

Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group Co., Ltd. began in 2007 and organizes electricians, fitters, instrumentation workers, welders, and analysts to conduct technical competitions each year to promote learning.

Henan Kaixiang Chemical Co., Ltd. vigorously promote the work of learning, study and work of the Training System, please come by, to send out other measures to train professional and technical personnel, the number of coal chemical industry to adapt to the development of multi-level professionals stand out.

From September this year, in the plains of Chemical Co., Ltd. plans to use 1-year period, the main production jobs reaction principle, process indicators, equipment performance according to production systems, maintenance and servicing, startup and shutdown procedures, emergency treatment and prevention, safety and environmental protection Knowledge, fire-fighting equipment, etc. are used for comprehensive training and assessment.

Shaanxi Shaanxi Coke Chemical Co., Ltd. adopts talent training methods that combine internal training and external training to improve the overall quality of employees. Since last year, the company has sent more than 170 people to the brothers.

Li Shousheng, executive vice president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said that companies should regard talent cultivation and technological innovation as new economic growth points and build new competitive advantages.

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