The Ministry of Science and Technology recently held a demonstration meeting at Nanjing University of Technology and agreed to establish a national special separation membrane engineering and technology research center based on Nanjing University of Technology.

Special separation membranes mainly refer to thin film materials made of inorganic materials and capable of separating substances in harsh environments such as high temperature, solvents and chemical reactions. They are mainly suitable for the separation of substances in process industries, such as the precision separation of chemical and petrochemical industries. Coupling of reaction and separation, separation of solvents in the pharmaceutical and textile industries, and separation of high-temperature gases in industries such as organic silicon and coal chemical industries are common support technologies for energy-saving emission reduction and clean production in the process industry.

Fish Meat Separator

1. Fish Meat Separator Machine is used for separating fish meat, fish bone, fish skin etc, and then you can get pure fish meat without any bones.

2. According to the fish types, we can provide you different drum holes, such as 2.5mm/2.7mm/3mm/5mm.

3. All of Fish Meat Separator is made of SUS304 Stainless Steel, and we promise the quality for 2 years except belt.

4. Four models with different capacity can be choosen, 200-250kg/h with model CR-200 is hot selling model.

5. Separating belt is the spare part, you can buy one more piece for replacement.

We also mainly manufacture: meat processing machines, milk processing machines, egg processing machines, fruit vegetable machines etc. We have years of exporting experiences, sincerely hope for copperation!

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