one. Beneficiation method of copper sulfide nickel ore

The most suitable method for the beneficiation of copper-copper- nickel ore is flotation, and magnetic separation and re-election is usually an auxiliary beneficiation method. When flotation of copper-nickel ore, a collector and a foaming agent for flotation of copper sulfide minerals are often used. One of the basic principles for determining the flotation process is to allow copper to enter the nickel concentrate while avoiding nickel from entering the copper concentrate. Because the nickel in the copper concentrate loses a lot during the smelting process, the copper in the nickel concentrate can be recovered more completely. Copper-nickel ore flotation has the following four basic processes.

1. Direct use of preferential flotation or partial preferential flotation process: When the ore contains more copper than nickel, this process can be used to select copper as a separate concentrate. The advantage of this process is that copper concentrates with lower nickel content can be obtained directly.

2. Mixed flotation process: used to select ore containing copper less than nickel, and the obtained copper-nickel mixed concentrate is directly smelted into high-ice nickel.

3. Mixing - Preferred flotation process: mixing flotation of copper and nickel from the ore, and then separating the copper concentrate containing low nickel and the nickel concentrate containing copper from the mixed concentrate. After the nickel concentrate is smelted, high ice nickel is obtained, and the high ice nickel is further subjected to flotation separation.

4. Mixing - preferential flotation and recovery of part of the nickel from the mixed flotation tailings: when the floatability of the various nickel minerals in the ore varies greatly, the copper-nickel is mixed and floated, and then from its tailings Further recycling of nickel-containing minerals with poor floatability.

Copper is a harmful impurity in nickel smelting, and copper grade in copper-nickel ore has industrial recycling value. Therefore, copper-nickel separation technology is an important issue in copper-nickel ore beneficiation. The copper-nickel separation technology is divided into two types: copper-nickel mixed concentrate separation and high-ice nickel separation process. Usually, the former is used for ore of copper-nickel minerals having a relatively large particle size and not closely related to each other, and the latter is used for ore having a fine grain size and densely embedded with each other.

At present, copper-nickel sulphide ore is mainly smelted by fire method, and its basic process is divided into materials (baking)-smelting-blowing-refining (electrolysis). Since the ore is a serpentine type ore, the copper-nickel minerals are densely embedded with each other, and it is difficult to directly separate the copper and nickel by mechanical beneficiation methods. Therefore, a high-ice nickel flotation separation technique is adopted. The copper-nickel mixed concentrate is smelted into high-ice nickel by a converter, then subjected to crushing and grinding processes, and finally electrolyzed into a final product, electrolytic nickel.

two. Beneficiation method of nickel oxide ore

Nickel oxide ore currently uses a process such as crushing and sieving to remove a large bedrock with a weak degree of weathering and a low nickel content. Since nickel in nickel oxide ore is often dispersed in gangue minerals with the same type of similarity, and the particle size is very fine, it cannot be enriched by mechanical beneficiation methods and can only be directly smelted.

The smelting and enriching method of nickel oxide ore can be divided into two major categories: fire method and wet method. The former can be divided into sulfur smelting, nickel iron method and granular iron method; the latter has reduction roasting - atmospheric ammonia leaching method, high pressure acid leaching method and the like.

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