Nie Bingqiang after 80 is the market regional manager of Jiangxi Dalong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and has won the company's sales champion for three consecutive years. Even though he is young, he has accumulated seven or eight years of experience in the sales of agricultural machinery products. He has been working in Dalong for four years. The young man born in Yichun, Jiangxi, looks cool and has a warm and cheerful personality. He can feel the breath of a born marketing wizard. He not only has outstanding sales performance in the company, but also in his hometown - Fengcheng City, Jiangxi Province, is a well-known young entrepreneur in the grain processing industry. In his name, he already owns more than 1200 tons of drying capacity. One rice drying processing center. As a company employee, how to embark on the road of cross-industry bosses, but also able to split the skills, shoulders and double duties, do business and business is correct? Facing the author's surprised eyes, this always talkative young people Suddenly low-pitched, understated about some of his own experiences over the years...

In 2014, Nie Bingqiang just entered Jiangxi Dalong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. to do grain dryer marketing business. As Dalong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a new company that has just been established, Dalong grain dryer products are also being introduced to the market in the first year. The majority of users are skeptical about such strange companies and unfamiliar products. Although there are a lot of people who are interested, the people who are finally determined to pay for the purchase of the company are not as good as the morning star. In the face of such a difficult situation, Xiao Ni’s mind secretly wondered why the reason why his own products were not accepted by users was the lack of successful cases in which the users actually used the machines. Even if they can put their own products to talk about the hype, they are All kinds of doubts are still pale and weak. To open the user's heart, you must come up with a reason to convince users. The most persuasive method that you don’t want to do is to let the user be seen. If a company or a product wants to convince its users, it must convince itself first; in order to win the trust of its users, it must first pass its own customs. With his many years of experience, his understanding of the dryer's products, and his continuous observations over the past few months, he slowly built confidence in the Dalong dryer products he had run. If this is the case, why not try to buy two of them at home first? If the machine is easy to use, then there will be confidence in recommending products to users in the future. The demonstration effect must be good. If you do not use it, you can fire your current business to find another owner. As a result, he consulted the local agricultural machinery department to clarify the purchase subsidy declaration procedures, and actively raised funds to find a construction site. In April of that year, he purchased two 5HX-sellers from a company he worked for as an ordinary user. 12-ton 12-ton dryer. After the two dryers were installed, they caught up with the mature harvest season of the early rice. Due to the stable quality of the product and the efficient service, the drying season for a early rice crop was not only successful, but also realized the cost of the purchase. 5, 60,000 yuan profit. At the beginning, Xiao Nie’s own home to buy dryers sold by himself had become a local news event. Today, when the villagers personally saw the two dryers in good operating condition, they were full of trust in the Dalong Dryer and Xiao Ni’s own practice. In the late rice harvest that year, only 56 of his Dalong brand dryers were purchased in one place in Fengcheng, his hometown of Yichun City.

After this small and effective event in 2014, Nie Bingqiang not only had confidence in Dalong's products, but also looked forward to the future of public and private business. He is determined to copy this successful sales model and gradually push it to a bigger market. With the support of Dalong Company, in 2015 and 2016, through joint ventures with relatives and friends, he established 6 grain drying processing centers in a breath, with a total installed capacity of 76 sets, becoming a small local Famous young entrepreneurs. Driven by his influence, the sales volume of the Dalong brand dryer market in the market area he is responsible for has increased substantially year by year, and the market share has been far ahead, and he has also been the company's top pick every year.

Marketing is an industry that gathers talents and wisdom. It is also an industry that needs vision and courage. Nie Bingqiang's marketing model is not new at first glance. Perhaps many people had thought of it before, but ultimately they missed the game because they lacked the courage to withstand failure and the courage to quickly implement it. In today's era of calling for integrity (otherwise known as the “integrity crisis”), in the realistic social environment where the owner of a pig farm does not dare to eat pork produced in the field and the owner of the chicken farm does not dare to eat eggs of his own production, Nie Bingqiang The marketing model is worthy of deep thinking among the entrepreneurs. The author also hopes that Nie Bingqiang and Dalong Heavy, who he serves, will continue to follow this marketing model. If this can be done, I believe that Jiangxi Dalong Heavy Industries will surely be in an invincible position in the future market competition with strong hands (Jensen).

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