The LBQ4000 type strong mixing and ZLB80 plant mixing and reclaiming equipment independently developed by Lude Company passed the trial production operation a few days ago, and all performance indicators have also reached the design requirements. The equipment has the following characteristics: First, the plant-mixed reclaiming equipment of the coal-fired type under-mounted recyclable drum is a domestic initiative in structure; second, the secondary combustion structure in the induced draft system has obtained national patents; Mixing and regenerating is currently the first attempt in the country, which can greatly save the cost of the construction unit.
Lude Company's first LBQ4000 type strong mixing and ZLB80 type regenerative equipment was successfully developed, marking that Landing Germany has the ability to research and manufacture large-scale compulsory asphalt concrete mixing equipment; it has the ability to independently produce large-scale fuel burners; it has independent research and development and manufacturing large-scale The ability of vibrating screens; The ability to independently develop and produce large-capacity forcible concrete mixing equipment for plant mixing and reclaiming equipment; taking “Lu De Manufacturing” to a new height.


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