The quality of Luzhou-flavor Daqu liquor is very low, generally below 40%. During the brewing process of Luzhou-flavor liquor, a large amount of yellow water and bottom pot water are produced, which contain rich organic substances and aroma substances. After being extracted by special techniques, it can be used as a flavoring spice to raise the low-end liquor to the level of high-quality liquor. This project has developed a continuous counter-current supercritical CO2 extraction technology, which can directly concentrate and purify these aromatic substances from yellow water and bottom pot water, as a flavoring raw material, and bring considerable economic benefits to the wine industry.
This topic uses a continuous counter-current supercritical extraction tower, with an internal diameter of 200mm, a tower height of 7m, and a secondary separation; the production capacity: 5kg of fragrance material/d; raw material price: breweries' waste, regardless of cost; significant benefits.

CNI provides Laser diodes with free space and fiber coupling option from 405-1550 nm wavelength range. The free space Laser Diode can be divided in to single mode and multimode. The Fiber Coupled Laser diode can be divided into SM, PM, MM pigtailed and High Power Laser diode module. The small emitting aperture, combined with low beam divergence, make these devices the highest-brightness family of CW laser diodes available in the industry.

â—†Free Space Laser Diode          

 Single Mode/ Multimode Laser Diode

  • Wavelength range 405-1550 nm 
  • Output power range 5mW-10W
  • Fabry Perot (FP) laser cavity
  • Low capacitance

â—†Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Module

High Power Laser Diode Module

  • Wavelength range 405-1064 nm
  • High output power up to 4000W@ 915/980 nm
  • Are designed for Fiber Laser, solid state laser pumping, direct diode material processing, surgical lasers and medical therapeutics

 SM/ PM/ MM Pigtailed Laser Diode

  • Wavelength range 405-1550 nm
  • Output power range 1-5000mW
  • Fiber coupled Fabry Perot (FP) laser diodes
  • Optional FC/PC or FC/ APC connector
  • Distributed feedback (DFB)

Laser Diode

Laser Diode,IR Laser Diode,High Power Laser Diode,Blue Laser Diode

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