Recently, Zoomlion provided a gift to the newly arrived 2008 and launched five new environmental sanitation products, namely, the SHZ22 full-hydraulic sweeper, the ZLJ5064TSLB1 multi-purpose scourer, and the ZLJ5066TSL new-generation sweep. Road car, ZLJ5168GQX (dump) type multi-purpose cleaning vehicle and YJSZ1315 type integral horizontal compression station. The company held live demonstrations and product acceptance meetings for new products and related leaders were invited to attend. The new products were played in turn and performed wonderfully.

The SHZ22 full-hydraulic sweeper, which is comparable to the international advanced level, is fully hydraulically driven, four-wheel steering is flexible and self-adaptive. It has the advantages of good cleaning effect, energy saving and environmental protection.

The ZLJ5066TSL road sweeper vehicle is a new generation of 8 technology upgrades based on the company’s main product ZLJ5050TSL. The comprehensive performance of the vehicle is at the leading level of domestic similar products, and the good work results have won the audience. .

The ZLJ5064TSLB1 multi-function washing vehicle shows 7 functions, including road cleaning, sweeping, road side stone cleaning, spray, road wall cleaning, trash can discharging, self-cleaning, and job monitoring. The road sweeping and cleaning operation mode is refreshing.

The ZLJ5168GQX (Dump) type multi-function cleaning vehicle adds a self-unloading function on the basis of the original 5164GQX multi-function cleaning vehicle. The clean water tank and the recovery tank are separated, and the recovery tank can be tipped backwards at a steep angle to make the sediment mud in the recovery tank. Sand and garbage are completely dumped, which improves the overall vehicle use performance and work efficiency, and is at the leading position both at home and abroad.

YJSZ1315 integrated horizontal compression station vehicle station has beautiful appearance, high degree of automation, convenient operation, low operating noise, reaching the domestic leading level, and has a vast market demand.

It is reported that because these new products have a higher price/performance ratio, many customers have already purchased them.

Citycoco is not a specific product but rather an label placed on Electric Scooter with big wheels. It is most likely a chinease word that does not translate well into english. ... Most likely it does not refer to Cacao and Co can be translated in Can, approve, certainly, be worth and many other words

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EEC Citycoco

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