First: The longer the car, the more lazy the maintenance
When a new car is used, the frequency of maintenance is very high, and a little problem will run 4S shop. The car is available for a long time, and it pays less and less attention to vehicle maintenance. Mr. Ying is one of the extreme examples. In fact, the frequency of car maintenance should be proportional to the age of the car. The longer the car is used and the greater the mileage, the more frequent maintenance should be. For example, a new car will be maintained once every 10,000 kilometers, and a 10-year old car should be maintained once every 1,000 kilometers. Nowadays, old cars that have been stipulated for more than six years are subject to annual inspections. This is the reason.
Second: The steering wheel is hit in the end
In the course of learning the car, the coach sometimes allows the trainee to “touch the steering wheel”, which is to make the car go more accurately. However, after schooling, many owners still retain this habit, and even intensify and fiercely beat the direction, this habit is very hurt, because doing so will make the steering system of the ball head, connecting rod wear is greatly increased. In addition, for the assisted steering vehicle, when the steering wheel is killed, the output of the booster pump to the steering gear is maximized, which causes the internal hydraulic pressure and the oil temperature of the booster system to increase rapidly, which may easily lead to damage or leakage of the assist system. For details, please refer to Tanker Steering Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting (1)
Third: brakes in the end
Bombing the throttle, slamming on the brakes is what many people like to drive. The car mainly uses disc brakes and drum brakes. Disc brakes use brake pads and brake discs to produce brake energy, and brake pads are lost parts. Pushing the brakes often will greatly shorten the life of the brake pads. Some cars can replace brake pads for 40,000 kilometers, and some cars will have to be replaced when they are 10,000 kilometers away. However, if the brake drum is often slammed on the brake, it can easily cause the brake to overheat and fail, which will affect the safety. Therefore, slamming on the brakes is the last resort to be done. Usually, driving should be based on “point brakes”.
Fourth: "Road to meet uneven" fuel door
Many people drive quickly and swiftly, and they do not slow down when they go over the deceleration belt or the gully. Encountered the pit road section, but also increase the throttle speed. These habits can easily affect the wheel alignment system, leading to vehicle deviation, or affecting the tire's life, and affecting the vehicle's suspension. Sometimes the trench can scratch the vehicle's chassis and even hit the engine.
Fifth: Randomly get on and off the road
This is the "killer" of car tires. Hantai Tire has done statistics. In China, 70% of tire damage is caused by cars getting on and off the road. In particular, squeezing on the side of the road can easily cause the tire to break. In addition, when the units and the district could not find a parking space, many car owners would use the flower beds and roadsides to park the car diagonally for a whole day. As everyone knows, this type of parking will make the tire steam pressure unbalanced for a long time, and it is very easy to cause tire bulging.
Sixth: Gasoline Alarm Continues to Drive
If the fuel tank warning light is on, it means that there are few left in the tank. But the old driver knows that, with the remaining fuel, the average vehicle can still travel tens of kilometers. Many models of petrol pumps are installed directly on the bottom of the fuel tank. Petrol pumps rely on gasoline for lubrication and cooling. If the amount of gasoline is missing too much, the gasoline pump cannot be properly lubricated and cooled under driving conditions, which can easily cause damage to the pump body.

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