In the gas system of trucks, the leakage of auxiliary gas storage tanks is often overlooked. The problem often arises due to the fact that the barometer display is normal and the clutch booster pump cannot work normally. The parking time is slightly longer and requires frequent air pumping. This phenomenon is due to the barometer or low pressure alarm induction plug, which is usually installed on the front and rear brake air reservoir respectively. If the auxiliary air reservoir leaks, it is difficult to find out from the meter data.

Old cow said the car (34) auxiliary gas tank to pay attention to leak hidden trouble

Generally equipped with a gas circuit four-circuit protection valve, usually equipped with 3-4 gas tanks, respectively gas supply, the gas supply order is also a certain rule, rear axle brake gas tank - front axle and control gas tank - Auxiliary equipment air reservoir - parking brake air reservoir. This design arrangement ensures that the brake system has priority for gas storage. The barometer shows that the pressure exceeds 6 bar, and the clutch booster pump works normally. Finally, the parking brake (air brake) is released.

● What parts are connected to the auxiliary air reservoir?

The function of the auxiliary air reservoir is to provide air supply for auxiliary equipment that needs gas. The commonly connected components are as follows:

1 Clutch booster pump

2 exhaust brake butterfly valve

3 Transmission shift cylinders and differential locks (heavy trucks)

4 air horn

●   Auxiliary gas cylinder leakage will cause those failures

1 The lack of air pressure in the auxiliary air reservoir results in the most direct failure of the clutch booster pump. The clutch does not disengage. After a long period of shutdown, the engine is started and a large amount of fuel will be used to supplement the air pressure.

2 The transmission shift cylinder does not work properly, resulting in serious transmission failure.

3 The exhaust butterfly valve or air horn does not work.

●   What causes the leakage of the auxiliary gas cartridge?

1 Parts that are prone to frequent air leakage are the air horns in the first place. The pipelines are relatively thin and have a long length span. In particular, dump trucks have long and severe jolts, and leakage can easily occur.

2 Various gas circuit solenoid valves, such leaks are often not serious and need to be carefully investigated.

● Be careful when solving leak modification

  The folk experience used in dump trucks is to connect the gas flow path between the clutch booster pump and the shift cylinder to the rear brake air reservoir. This avoids the interference caused by leakage of other auxiliary equipment pipelines, but there is a potential safety hazard. Thoroughly checking the cause of leaks and replacing qualified parts are the right way to solve the leak. Modifications need to be careful, safe and reliable as the premise, do not lose due to small losses.

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