At the just-concluded two sessions, Li Dakai, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Shaanxi Fast Automotive Transmission Group Co., Ltd., took a proposal on "remanufacturing."

Li Dakai believes that the current lack of global resources, there have been signs of energy shortages, steel shortages, ore shortages, raw material shortages and other signs, "remanufacturing" is a very promising emerging industry in the world. He called on the country to further strengthen its support for remanufacturing, including public opinion support and policy support, so that some waste can be turned into waste to save resources for the country.

Since 2008, Fast has invested more than RMB 100 million in the development of infrastructure and equipment for remanufacturing. Fast's new remanufacturing plant is expected to be completed and put into operation this year, and will be able to manufacture more than 16,000 transmissions each year after it is put into operation. According to Li Dakai, this is only the first phase of Fast's remanufacturing plant. With the deepening of remanufacturing, the scale and number of remanufacturing companies will expand. The current market volume of Fast Transmission is as high as more than 2 million units. Because of such a large amount of possession, the relevant national authorities have included Fast as one of the remanufactured pilot companies. It is understood that the manufacture of a transmission requires hundreds of kilograms of steel, and if 1% of the product is put into remanufacture every year and reused, it can save thousands of tons of steel.

In the past 10 years, sales of fasciators have increased at a double rate year after year. The annual sales revenue and industrial output value have grown to more than 7.5 billion yuan. The production and sales volume of transmissions has increased to more than 550,000, and the foreign exchange earnings from exports have increased to more than 50 million US dollars. Its 16-speed automatic mechanical transmission new products widely use the latest international technology, with a cost-effective, good fuel economy, reliable operation, energy saving and environmental protection, suitable for national conditions and other obvious advantages, for the upgrading of domestic heavy trucks provide the latest optimal configuration. Its self-developed all-aluminum alloy shell lightweight transmission new products have been put into mass production, the total weight is reduced by more than 100 kilograms, providing the latest optimization configuration for the vehicle to achieve lightweight and energy-saving improvements. At the same time, on the basis of consolidating the development of heavy-duty transmissions, Fast achieved new breakthroughs in various fields including passenger cars, medium trucks, micro-cards, micro-surfaces, engineering vehicles, and low-speed trucks. Block, small 8th, small 8th, 10JSD, 6DS, AMT and a series of new transmission products with lightweight design quickly occupied the commanding heights of energy-saving products, and made breakthroughs in the research and development of vehicle drive systems such as retarders.

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The full-automatic and high-efficiency mask production line is composed of feeding system, folding forming system, Ear belt welding machine and unloading system. It is suitable for multi-layer PP non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter materials. Through ultrasonic welding and automatic edge sealing, the multi-layer material composite forming of plane mask is completed, realizing the full automation of mask production from materials to finished products. The number of masks can reach 6000-8000 per hour. The full-automatic production line is driven by PLC control system, servo motor and stepping motor. The production line has high precision and good stability. The full-automatic feeding system is convenient for adjustment and maintenance. The multi-point photoelectric detection feeding system can ensure stable production operation and automatic alarm. The folding forming system can effectively reduce product deformation. The production line can be used with the automatic packaging line of respirator to realize the unmanned operation from material to finished product to packaging.

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