Recently, the “2008 Top Ten Construction Machinery China Dynamics and Annual Product TOP50” sponsored by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, jointly organized by the “Construction Machinery and Maintenance” magazine and the domestic construction machinery industry, was formally announced. Yutong Heavy Industries “ The YT3501 Mining Dumper won the honor again after the garbage compactor won the 2007 “China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50”.
YT3501 type 32 tons mining dump truck is a non-road transportation vehicle independently developed by Yutong Heavy Industry for a variety of small and medium-sized open-pit coal mines, iron ore, non-ferrous metal mines, limestone mines, water conservancy and hydropower engineering materials. New product. The first product successfully went offline on September 25, 2008 and passed the type test conducted by the National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center on December 26, 2008. Its rough appearance, strong internal design precision, with strong driving force, good performance, strong carrying capacity, transmission torque, strong climbing ability, long service life, optimized design structure to improve the safety and stability of the operation and Charming. The product has just been introduced to the market and has become an ideal choice for non-road transportation equipment. It is highly concerned by industry professionals and experts. As a strategic product of Yutong Heavy Industry's future development plan, the YT3501 mining dump truck will surely become a company. New profit growth point.
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