Japan's Ishikawajima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a combined marine small-scale anti-rolling device that can reduce the hull roll angle by about one-third, especially when berthing.

At present, fin stabilizers, swaying tanks, etc. are commonly used to suppress hull roll, but fin stabilizers are not effective in high-speed voyages, and swaying tanks occupy a large space and require a large amount of moving water. The new device is based on the passive control of the natural weight of the heavy object, and adopts the active control mode of the electric motor to obtain a good anti-rolling effect with a small control force. Specifically, a self-propelled trolley such as a motor or a speed reducer is mounted on a circular arc guide rail, and the trolley is moved by using the trolley to move the position. When the ship is shaken, it is first detected by the sensor, and then the computer quickly calculates the signal for the trolley control, and sends a movement command to the trolley. This device is suitable for small and medium-sized observation vessels, survey vessels, passenger ships and car ferries.

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