At present, there are many brands of groundwater samplers and samplers on the domestic market, and the quality of the instruments can be said to be good and bad. Some of them are cheap, cheap drivers, simple connection devices, and common latex tubes. The low manufacturing cost makes this part of the instrument to the normal use of the customer can be very few, usually in order to form an advantage in the price does not take into account the normal use of the user. However, Jintan Tainer Instrument did not reduce the manufacturing cost of the instrument. Jintan Tainer Instrument always adheres to the concept of quality first and excellent service. Therefore, Jin Taner Instrument's quality of groundwater sampler sampler we dare to promise, dare to guarantee, dare and any type of instrument than quality, than the price.

Jintan Taina brand groundwater sampler water quality sampler, water sampler, liquid sampler, also known as peristaltic pump, or constant flow pump sampler, is a new portable sampling tool, it is a product of modern industrial development, widely used In the environmental protection, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, because of its use of rechargeable batteries, in the field of environmental monitoring of groundwater pollution sampling, on-line detection has been widely used. It can also deliver sensitive, viscous, highly corrosive, grind-refining, high-purity, and media containing certain particulate materials. The fluid material pumped by the groundwater sampler only passes through the high elastic hose and does not contact with the pump body. Therefore, the other parts of the pump are not corroded by the fluid material. The fluid material does not leak and pollute the surrounding environment. FDA standards for standards and food production and environmental monitoring water quality sampling requirements. The TN-2 groundwater sampler is a new type of fluid sampler that is driven by a cordless drive imported from the United States. Has the advantages of easy operation, stable performance, reliability, and long-term continuous operation.

It is suitable for environmental groundwater sampling, sampling control at the production site, and research institute laboratories. Jintan Taina groundwater sampler, the principle of the water sampler sampler is: groundwater through the pump body of high elastic corrosion resistant hose, under the pressure of the roller, the hose suction part of the formation of a vacuum, the groundwater Into the hose, under the pressure of the roller, the groundwater is squeezed to the discharge end of the hose to achieve the purpose of pumping, just as your fingers squeeze a liquid-filled hose, with the fingers moving forward. Sliding, the groundwater inside the pipe moves forward, in our sampler is to use the squeeze of the roller to work instead of your finger.

1. Before each use of the groundwater sampler, the hose should be carefully inspected for damage. Before the sampler is stopped, clean water should be drawn to clean the hose. In order to extend the service life of the hose, the sampler After 1 hour of operation, the hose should be pulled out 80-100 mm outward (inhalation end) to prevent excessive wear or bending of the hose due to the hose pressing on the hose at a fixed point. And damage.

2, silicone tube is not resistant to strong acids, alkalis, organic solvents. Before use, it is best to use a small section of tubing soaked in the solution used to test, so as to avoid corrosion cracking of the tube caused by the use of liquid leakage corrosion pump head and into the pump body damage the machine.

3. Always inspect the squeezed parts of the silicone tube of the groundwater sampler to prevent the hose from aging and damage, and to prevent the liquid from flowing into the pump body and damaging the motor and circuit. When it is found that the silicone tube is used for aging, it should be replaced in time. In order to extend the service life of the silicone tube, the silicone tube is frequently replaced. The silicone tube should be removed when it is not used for a long time.

4, because the groundwater sampler roller is rolling friction, need to keep clean inside the roller groove, in particular, to clean the roller and the center of the flower shaft sleeve to prevent the roller skidding.

5. The hose used in the groundwater sampler is a special silicone high-elasticity hose. Remember that during the use of the sampler, other hoses must not be used instead (such as pumping strong acids, alkalis, organic solvents Please contact Jintan Tanner with a suitable hose.)

After-sales service makes the following commitments:

1, to provide users with detailed instructions for use, so that users as soon as possible familiar with the use of the product and simple maintenance.

2. The company complies with strict production procedures and shipping procedures from production to delivery, and in turn guarantees the quality of the products. It also has tracking services for arrivals and return visits, and solves problems in time if the customer encounters problems.

3, product delivery to the scene, in addition to man-made damage, the components are quality problems, the company guarantees free replacement. If there is a quality problem within three months of delivery, the new machine can be replaced.

4, the product warranty period is one year (in the warranty period, the main components of the device are non-human damage is free to replace and repair). Lifetime repairs outside the warranty period, only component costs and door fees.

To provide you with high quality products and fast, thoughtful, satisfying, enthusiastic service is the greatest wish of Jin Taner people!

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