Bridgestone (China) Investment Co., Ltd. has recently released two new tires for commercial vehicle tires, namely the Bridgestone brand L317, which is suitable for the extreme road surface of mines, and the Feng Chi applied to medium and short-distance mixed roads. Pass "brand ST3000 merchandise. Among them, the L317 product is Bridgestone's first product dedicated to Chinese consumers in the field of truck and bus tires. L317 adopts a special tread rubber with excellent resistance to injury/blocking, which effectively increases the tear resistance of the tread rubber by 30%. The reinforced crown and bead structure ensure that the product is in poor road conditions. Excellent heavy-duty cutting resistance. At the same time, the unique large tread pattern and tread pattern with deep tread grooves allow the product to maintain its excellent driving performance and long service life under adverse road conditions. Compared with the normal heavy-duty tires, the L317 can greatly meet the efficient and safe operation of vehicles in extremely bad road conditions. It is understood that L317 currently has two specifications of 11.00R20 and 12.00R20.

Thanks to the special tread rubber formula and the horizontal block design, the ST3000 ensures excellent product resistance to external cutting and driving performance when driving on mixed roads. Due to the reinforced bead and crown structure, the ST3000 has better durability than the existing product UT3000SUPER. In the comparison of the performance of the two products, the ST3000 has an ascending 50% improvement in the blast-resistance blasting performance of the crown and a 30% increase in the strength of the carcass steel wire. ST3000 also has two specifications: 11.00R20 and 12.00R20. The listing of this product will not only further perfect the FengChiTong brand's merchandise system in China, but will also greatly help drivers to control operating costs.

Diaphragm For Hydraulic Breaker

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