Problems in the instrumentation industry The development of the instrumentation industry is obvious to all, and there is a big gap between automation control, precision instruments, and international standards. Therefore, the development of the instrumentation industry in the future has its own goals.

Detection equipment, optical instruments, energy meters, variable resistors, drivers, filters, heat exchangers, displays and other types of products, market share accounted for a larger proportion of the transaction. At present, the application of instrumentation in our country is ubiquitous, and the demand for the instrumentation industry in the market is gradually increasing.

What are the problems in the instrumentation industry? At present, the quality and reliability of China's products have always been a major flaw in the development of the instrumentation industry and must be addressed. In the future, the reliability, applicability, and performance of the product should be continuously improved. In fact, in some product areas, China's self-developed products have reached international standards in terms of performance and functionality, but they are less reliable in terms of reliability and adaptability. This is also a major bottleneck for the future development of China's instrumentation industry. Only by solving these problems as soon as possible can we make domestic instrumentation with stronger international competitiveness.

Flying Tank Drone

Flying tank droneCamera allows you to watch videos on your devices
Flies indoors or out-easy to control in most conditions up to light winds
Control drone with your iOS® or Android phone or tablet using Wi-Fi®
Tank tracks offer grip and stability on rough terrain and many surfaces
Rechargeable battery-charge via the included USB cable
Dimensions: 16.9" x 8.1" x 4.3"; weighs 11.3 oz
Flight Speeds: Two speeds to challenge any pilot`s drone-flying ability
Air Movement: Drone hovers or moves forward, backward, left & right
Ground Movement: Drone drives forward, backward, left & right
Flying Range: Up to 100 feet (30 meters)
Interface: Fly via smart device using Wi-Fi and iOS or Android
Flight Time: Up to eight minutes between charges
In the Box: four spare rotor blades; USB charging cable
Dimensions: 16.9" x 8.1" x 4.3"
Weight: 11.3 oz
The Flight Forceâ„¢ Flying Tank Drone streams action to your phone or smart device while it crawls across the earth or streaks across the sky!
Control from up to 100 feet away via iOS or Android using Wi-Fi signal. Two flight speeds make flying the drone fun for any ability level. Drone runs for up to eight minutes on a charge. Package includes drone, four spare rotor blades; and a USB charging cable.

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