On December 25, 2012, FAW Liberation 2013 Business Annual Conference was held at Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center. The theme of this year's annual meeting was “Strengthening service through strengthening capacity adjustment and bravely fighting first”. A total of more than 1800 people from the nation’s liberation dealers, service providers, and special-purpose vehicle partners were involved in the business.

In 2012, the domestic truck industry experienced a serious decline, from 1.172 million in 2011 to about 910,000 this year. Liberated 151,000 vehicles in total in 2012, accounting for 16.6% of the market.

Zhang Bing, general manager of FAW Jiefang Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., estimated that the total demand for heavy trucks in the industry in 2013 was about 930,000, which was basically the same as in 2012.

In 2013, the sales volume of heavy trucks of FAW Jiefangzhong was 169,000 units with a market share of 17.5%. The focus was on promoting J6 and natural gas vehicles, of which the J6 series had a target sales volume of 84,000 units; meanwhile, the sales target for light trucks was 10,000, of which JL01 was 1000 vehicles, 9,000 Huwei light trucks.

In terms of marketing, in 2013, FAW Liberation will optimize the network and do a good job in the marketing of sub-series. Strengthen terminal promotion: segment the market, continue to promote product marketing planning, focus on strengthening the development and maintenance of large users, and deepen customer relationship management. Liberation in 2013 will also launch the construction of a “liberation flagship store”, first piloted in the “National Model Shop”.

In terms of services, 2012 marks the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the “Touched Service”. Liberated “Touched Service” achieved a major upgrade. In addition to the six commitments to truth, it also launched a new service policy that focuses on prevention and maintenance for models such as dump trucks, namely three free inspections and one-day service.

In 2013, Liberation will try to develop “service agreement” and “maintenance package” projects with liberation characteristics, and test and promote it in large users and some service stations.

In 2013, the liberation of FAW will usher in the 10th anniversary of the establishment of liberation company, and it is also the historical moment for FAW Group to establish its 60th anniversary. Wang Lizhi, general manager of FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd., said that FAW Jiefang will fully realize the liberation of “China’s absolute leading position in the heavy truck sector and actively participate in the international market competition, securing the top market share of medium and heavy trucks and building the first truck in China. "12th Five-Year Plan" Strategic Targets of Brands and World-famous Brands. ”

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