Under the micro-growth environment of the domestic automobile market, Chinese brand automobile exports have finally surpassed a sales volume of over one million cars. In 2012, China's auto exports reached 1.056 million, an increase of 29.7% year-on-year. While cheering for the achievements made by the entire industry, the environment faced by export companies is still not optimistic. The existence of low-price competitive marketing calls for the growth of China’s auto exports and the importance of export quality.

Since the 1990s, real auto exports have been completed. In 20 years time, the scale has grown from 10,000 units to over 1 million units, and the auto export structure in China has become more and more reasonable. The export models have shifted from commercial vehicles to passenger vehicles; exporting countries have advanced from the underdeveloped countries in the past to “BRIC” countries; their export methods have also changed from simple trade to local investment. In addition, brand building and after-sales service systems are gradually formed.

Sustainable expansion of export scale will be the future direction of Chinese automotive brand exports. Dong Yang, executive vice president and secretary general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, believes that China’s auto exports have four advantages. “The global market demand provides a huge export space for Chinese autos; China’s autos have a strong price advantage; the auto industry’s scale is increasingly expanding. Exports provide strong support; relevant policies and measures are also promoting the healthy development of China's auto exports."

Although the total export volume reached 1.05 million units in 2012, the growth rate dropped from 49.45% in 2011 to 29.7%. The rise in costs resulting from the appreciation of the renminbi, heavy trade and technical barriers, and pressure from rivals in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea all put pressure on Chinese car companies. In addition, because China's auto export market is relatively single and the homogenization of products is serious, the cost-profit barriers are also easily formed between independent brands.

In addition to the increasing cost of exports, the Deputy Secretary-General of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Jian Jianhua, pointed out that “The lack of core technology for self-owned brand cars leads to insufficient export competitiveness, weak international integrated management capabilities, and eagerness to open up overseas markets. The emergence of a competitive phenomenon."

In the future, Chinese auto companies will increasingly participate in international competition. Dong Yang believes that Chinese auto brands must do four preconditions in this process: strengthen technological innovation, focus on brand cultivation, make good use of mergers and acquisitions, and improve their own research issues. ability.

Medical Consumables Plastic Mould

Hospital and medical consumables refers to waste bins, disposable medical syringe, medical disposable bucket and baskets, the molding material is medical grade PP, volume can be different from 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 50ml, 60ml to 100ml, and needle is 16G-27G, Needle material: stainless steel 304 and life is 5 years. Please review the following specifications in details:

Standard needle size:

Needle size

Tear the single bag of syringe, remove the syringe with needle, remove the syringe needle protection sleeve, pull the plunger back and forth slide, tighten the injection needle, and then into the liquid, needle up, slowly push the plunger to exclude air, subcutaneous or Intramuscular injection or blood.

Storage condition:
Disposable Medical Plastic 2 ml Syringe Luer Slip store in the relative humidity not to surpass 80%, non-corrosiveness gas, cool, ventilates good, in dryly the clean room. Product sterilized by Epoxy hexylene, asepsis,non-pyrogen without unusual toxicity and hemolysis response.

Machining equipment:

Disposable Medical Plastic Syringe mould CNC

Disposable Medical Plastic Syringe mould CNC

Disposable syringe mould EDM


Q1: How do you control quality of Disposable syringe mould quality?

A: We use our CMM measuring equipment to inspect mould critical dimensions and mould tryout sample parts, all dimension reports will be shared with customer and discussed with customer the best solutions to solve "NG" dimensions.

Q2: What are the MOQ and leading time?

A: 200000pcs each type; leading time is within 35 days or based on your quantity;

Q3: What are the terms of payment?

A: 50% in advance by T/T; the balance 50% by T/T before shipping or again copy of B/L, L/C are acceptable.

Q4: How to keep us away from risk?

A: Our manufacturing is with rules of CE, ISO, welcome to visit our factory, and we can send you samples before placing an order.

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