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Shower car:military shower vehicle
A technical vehicle that is fully decontaminated by persons who have been severely contaminated with radioactive substances and who has been sterilized, a military technical vehicle that performs full decontamination and sanitization of personnel using a shower method, and a type of military decontamination vehicle.
The special carriage for showers is fixed on the chassis of the car. The compartments are divided into strip rooms, shower rooms, dressing rooms and power rooms. Major equipment includes: hot water boilers, water pumps, generator sets, showers, heaters and other ancillary equipment.
In the shower, cold water is pumped into the boiler by a water pump, heated to 38-42°C, and the hot water is continuously sent into the shower head through the pipeline for the personnel to wash and eliminate. When used in cold areas, heaters are used to heat the interior to keep the temperature at 20°C or higher. Some shower cars are equipped with steam boilers, water pumps, and bellows and other fixed equipment, as well as tents and shower facilities. During the operation, the cold water is pumped into the mixing room by the cultivator, the water is heated by the steam, and sent to the shower equipment in the tent next to the car for the purpose of washing.
To avoid cross-contamination, undressing, showering, and dressing are performed in separate rooms. In some countries, multipurpose vehicles are equipped with personal shower facilities.

GMM630 Double Side Surface Grinding Machine

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surface grinding machine SKF-GMM630

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